HOW TO BE An exhibitor

We make a point of being as inclusive as possible so that everyone in the officiating industry – from the  smallest officiating start-ups to the largest pro leagues –  can have a presence at the annual Sports Officiating Summit.

If you are interested in securing space to exhibit at the Summit, please reach out to us today:

PHONE: 1-800-733-6100   //   EMAIL:


If you are a Summit sponsor that wishes to exhibit, please let us know through the accompanying form. While first consideration for exhibit space is given to sponsors, there may be slots available for organizations that wish to purchase space in the Summit Exhibition Area. Exhibitors receive booth space in the Exhibition Hall, but unlike sponsors, exhibitors who are not sponsors do not receive additional signage, attendee registrations or national announcements. Exhibiting without sponsoring may be a way to experience the Summit in a more cost effective manner. Organizations that start out as exhibitors often move up to full sponsors.